To award outstanding achievement and to attract students of the highest calibre from around the world, the University
offers a number of international scholarships. The scholarship is applicable only on the tuition fee. Details of the
scholarships are as follows.

On basis of qualifying examination Scholarship
Overall percentage More than 90% Between 80-90% Between 70-80%
Scholarship on tuition fee 30% 20% 10%

Test for Financial Aid (TFA):

  • In order to extend and opportunity to applicant who could not performed well in the qualifying exam or in national/ state level entrance test owing to various personal, academic or processor specific reason and are therefore not able to derive the benefit of scholarship scheme of the university, LPU as its endeavour towards the social responsibility embraces upon LPU-TFA 2014 which will adjudge the ability of the said applicants and will enable them to avail the financial as a support to continue their education in the best milleu for their better future.
  • Candidate who are not eligible for scholarship by the university, can appear for TFA and on successful clearness, can get 10% scholarship of the tuition fee.
  • All the applicants who have taken admission or provisionally registered for admission at LPU and have not availed any scholarship scheme offered by the University may apply for LPU-TFA 2014.
  • TFA would be conducted in limited countries based on the number of applicants and availability of centers. In case test is not conducted in the country of resident, student can appear for the test in India on prior appointment and allotment of test centers by the university.
  • It will be university right to allocate center as per availability of slots. If applicant does not appear for the test then he/she may not be given second chance.

Terms and Condition for the Scholarship

  • Grant of Scholarship is subject to verification and authentication of the information, certificates and other documents as required by the University.
  • Percentage in the Qualifying examination represents percentage of aggregate marks and for the purpose of calculation of aggregate marks, in addition to the marks obtained in the subjects considered essential by awarding board / university for passing the examination, marks obtained in other subject(s) as and if prescribed under the respective eligibility criteria of LPU will also be taken into account. If student is not able to satisfy the eligibility criteria as per the criteria mentioned above, then all the subjects registered for the purpose of qualifying exam may be considered for calculating aggregate marks for Admissions only not for the purpose of scholarship.
  • Unless otherwise specifically decided by the University, Scholarship can be opted at the time of filing application for admission but not after the last date of Admissions for the concerned programme. In case student has not opted for Scholarship within the stipulated time period claim for the Scholarship cannot be made at later stage.
  • In case, an applicant is eligible for Scholarship scheme as well as for any other monetary benefit under any other scheme or policy of LPU, then he / she has to opt for only one scheme of his/her choice.
  • In addition to LPU Scholarship,, If a student gets scholarship from a Government / NGO / any other organization, then LPU Scholarship will be restricted to amount obtained by subtracting scholarship received from Government / NGO / any other organization from total applicable fees (including charges for Residential/ Transport/Food Facility, If any subject to maximum for a year for Non-AC three seater residential facility).
  • If a student earlier admitted for a programme under scholarship scheme, later on applies for programme transfer; he will not be entitled for the scholarship for the changed programme in case last date of Scholarship scheme, for that changed programme, is expired.
  • Scholarship scheme is applicable only on annual Tuition fee as prescribed in International Booklet 2014 and Prospectus 2014 and does not include fee for various other requirements / facilities like Backlog / re-appear / Make up fee etc. as mentioned under the head 'Other Fee' in General